Blue Box Game Studios is not only heading towards the release of their game Abandoned, but also initially towards the release of a real-time trailer app for the PlayStation 5. This app will be released on August 10th and is now called “Abandoned: Real Time Experience “Known” will contain several in-engine videos running on the PS5 hardware. In a new tweet today, Blue Box posted a teaser image for the app reviving some fan theories about the project with Konami and / or Hideo Kojima involved.

“Are you ready? We are!” reads text of the tweet. At first glance, the image in the tweet above just looks like a logo. I missed the real teaser that is hidden in the background when I first watched it. The silhouette of a head can be seen behind the blurred facade, and on closer inspection, the right eye becomes visible like an eye patch. A white line follows the forehead of the face. Could it be a reflection of light or possibly more text hiding behind the blur?

Twitter users walk with the image that obviously looks like any variation of Metal Gear Solids Snake wearing an eye patch. Some even try to defuse the image to see the face more clearly, while others try to decipher the illegible text above the logo. Now that I think about it, this font looks very familiar to me too …

Some theorists focus on the face:

Others attack the hidden text:

While another group of dreamers have their own great ideas:

Blue Box Game Studios and Abandoned have been under scrutiny for months for theories that the game is in some way related to Hideo Kojima, Konami, and the Silent Hill franchise. Some think the game director’s name Hasan Kahraman is a code for Hideo Kojima, while others followed wilder clues associated with the name of the studio and the famous Death Stranding creator. Hasan denied the studios’ involvement in Konami and Silent Hill in a video posted on Twitter last month, but if that’s true, this new teaser image doesn’t help mitigate that rumor. I was on the Abandoned side and had nothing to do with Konami property, but now I’m not sure what to make of it.

We’ll find out soon enough, because the Realtime Experience app for Abandoned will be available for preload on July 29th for PlayStation 5 and will go live with the first trailer on August 10th. Hopefully there are some answers to the ever growing list of questions in there. Abandoned is slated for release sometime this year on PS5 and “possibly” on PC.

What are your theories about abandoned? Are we just being trolled or is there actually a connection here? Let us know in the comments!

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