Valve announced its own handheld device just days after Nintendo’s unveiling of the Switch OLED. Known as the Steam Deck, Valve’s contribution to handheld gaming is literally a small PC in the palm of your hand. If you have huge hands, this thing ain’t small. Shortly after this announcement, we announced which games you cannot play on the deck at launch. Although Valve is currently working on getting around this limitation, we thought we should step things up a bit. So here are the games that I can’t wait for you to play should Check out when the Steam Deck arrives!

Baldur’s Gate 3

While I’m still in Early Access and therefore incredibly limited in terms of content, I can’t stop rolling new characters and repeating what is available in Larian’s Baldur’s Gate 3 Adventure. Since the fantasy journey started in Early Access, the studio has made many changes to what players can expect. From new classes to more room to explore, each update brings this game closer and closer to full release. With a huge world to trudge through and tiny little caves that harbor myriad dangers, it’s more than perfect to take this special D&D saga with you on the go. Even more so when the campfire feature reminds me of another favorite RPG company: Dragon Age Origins.

Go on romancing that hot vampire you know you want it.

Death stranding

When I first tried Death Stranding on PlayStation, it was a game I did searched to like very much. My first degree is actually philosophy – you can hear responsible adults in the background laughing at me if you listen carefully – so Kojima’s creative way of seeing the world has always appealed to my analytical mind. Because of that, this was a title I wanted dearly to love and put in a lot more time than I want to admit. But I just couldn’t feel that connection even though I enjoyed the overarching experience. Then it came out on the pc and I decided to try again.

A little warmer, but no cubes.

I think for a game like this, in terms of my personal fun, playing outside of the box can be the secret little piece of the puzzle that unlocks the bigger picture. Death Stranding is going to be something I want to dive deep into to try again! What if the freedom of the Steam Deck isn’t enough to make it to the last piece? That’s fine too! I’m not going to like every game, just like you don’t, and that’s fine. Can you still imagine playing this on the go? Exciting!

Fallout 3

You can almost Listen the picture above, right? From the Fallout franchise, the third game is my favorite, depending on what time of day you ask me. Switching between 3 and Obsidians New Vegas is another RPG experience that I can’t wait to enjoy again on the Steam Deck.

Since it’s an older title, especially on the Bethesda engine, this game doesn’t have the best graphics, which means the smaller screen doesn’t detract from the Vault-Tec experience. And it gives you the excuse to flaunt those Black Widow skills all over again for some sweet, sweet love. Oh la la.

Portal 2

The portal franchise is a gift of perfection and beauty. This physics-breaking adventure from Valve may never see the third game, but the first two were unforgettable gaming experiences that broke convention. With witty humor, an existential crisis and a murderous AI robot that can sometimes turn into a potato, the portal experience never gets tired. Escape any level from your back porch, from your bed, or during a long drive. Its mechanics will keep your mind occupied and the story will entertain you in the best possible way.

Please don’t bring up lemons. We can no longer hear the tangent of Cave Johnson.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

A game where you literally bone a bag of bones, I mean come on on? What more do you want?

All jokes aside, this is another Dungeons & Dragons treasure that you can soak up hundreds and hundreds of hours in without any problems. In a style similar to Baldur’s Gate 3, this RPG adventure features a story of murder, mystery, and more romance. Do you see a pattern here? I’m sorry for that…

This game is also by the same team that developed Baldur’s Gate 3. So if you liked this but can’t wait for the full version, then Original Sin 2 is a must-have. You can read our full review here if you need a little extra nudge.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Ok yeah I see it now – last game type like this, promise. Little finger swore! I say Dragon Age Inquisition because, despite numerous awards, this seems like a divisive entry from the three games. It is the longest of the BioWare games, with a total completion time of sometimes over 200 hours. Inquisition tied loose ends to the first two games, including what happened after Anders’ rebellion, learning more about the name behind Varric’s crossbow, and seeing little Connor grow up again after his harrowing experience in Redcliff. It also features some of my personal favorite characters in gaming history, including the only Dorian Pavus.

There’s a lot to love about Inquisition, but it definitely suffers from tempo issues. A lot of people, when they tell me they didn’t like Inquisition, have mentioned that they never made it across the hinterland or out of Haven and into Skyhold. I think the game doesn’t really begin until Skyhold is claimed and the joy of this Thai adventure lies in exploring the limitless open world. If you’ve played it once and haven’t enjoyed it, I urge you to try again, this time with the convenience of portability available to you.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

What makes the Mass Effect trilogy story so special to me is the characters themselves. In 30 years of gaming, I’ve bonded so much with thousands of characters, each adding something special to any gaming adventure. That being said, progress in learning about Mass Effect NPCs has something that feels organic, real, and not dissimilar to building friendships and romantic relationships in real life. They are special in a way that I, as an author, cannot properly convey.

The dialogue feels natural and engaging. There are arguments, there is the process of winning someone over, and these characters go to hell and back with each other. This type of shared experience creates bonds in every situation and this connection is expertly conveyed using the narrative structure and game mechanics. As an activist, there were real life situations that I lived through with people who couldn’t take me and vice versa. But these situations that we went through together? That forged a connection that transcended previous perceptions. The same transformative relationship building is very evident in the Mass Effect trilogy and something that is felt on a universal level regardless of any player’s IRL travels.

Through loyalty missions that delve deep into these characters’ pasts, to dialogue options that shape how these characters see the player in this world, every action feels meaningful and impactful, which is in large part why Mass Effect is so immensely haunting. These signs are important. They are important to Shepard and they are important to They.

Final Fantasy XV

Boyband meets America’s Next Top Chef. This Final Fantasy adventure is huge, adding a more modern twist to the Square Enix franchise, and 14 has a story not to be missed. Drive around with your friends, flirt with cute mechanics, and eat out some of the best restaurants on this side of the game.

While there are many carefree moments in this particular adventure, Final Fantasy XV hosts a much darker story centered around the despised Ardyn Lucis Caelum, while Noctis and friends are tasked with solving limitless mysteries. The world of XV is vast and offers players unthinkable freedoms, but it’s more than just its pretty scenery. Final Fantasy XV tells a meaningful story of friendship, trust, and the fight for what you believe in. It’s about taking back your home, your power and sharing it with your loved ones. While there are some breaks, the ability to take it with you with the Steam Deck is just the thing to get you right beyond.

Red Dead Redemption 2

I still remember the day Red Dead Redemption 2 was announced. After years of begging for a sequel to Western history, Rockstar Games finally delivered a prequel instead of a sequel. And it was a smart move because fans of John Marston saw a younger outlaw and got a chance to fall in love with a new star found in Arthur Morgan. The second game in the Redemption series broke boundaries with its breathtaking attention to detail with every blade of grass, every horse footprint in the snow. The legacy continues with Red Dead Online, now available as a standalone experience, for the chance to be the badass cowboy you should always be, but this time with your friends.

Still waiting for the undead to be revealed …

The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 is a fantasy adventure, yes, but I promise it’s not like Divinity Original Sin or Baldur’s Gate 3. It’s a bit like Inquisition, but only because of the hot romance, but it’s really an incredible journey. Another game that is incredibly long, especially if you plan to go through the expansions after launch, the latest Witcher game is a ride no gamer can forget. With Netflix having its own live-action adaptation of the books that inspired the games, as well as a spin-off show and anime, now is the perfect time to familiarize yourself with what it means to be a witcher , that of a world full of monsters, prejudice and temptation.

Does Roach, the faithful steed, force you onto roofs like in the old days, only this time? You can also play it on a rooftop. I don’t recommend and legally I can’t tell you to, but what if you happen to be on a rooftop playing this game? Well, I wouldn’t be mad about it. (Just be on the safe side !!!)

And there you have it! These are the games I can’t wait to play on the Steam Deck when it comes out in late 2021, early 2022! And remember, these are just 10 tips on what I personally would like to see from you and what I look forward to playing on the deck. There are so many more options if these aren’t what you want! Walk the DOOM route for epic destruction, go to Control for a mind-boggling nightmare, or take it to the underworld with the incredible Hades title! Play what you want, how you want, that means portable.

If you missed the announcement and want to find out more about the specs, you can check out our previous coverage here!

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