Last month we offered some exclusive screenshots for Atlus’ highly anticipated RPG, Shin Megami Tensei V. This month we have more screenshots as well as some additional information about the characters you will encounter in the early stages of the game.

As we already know, the story of Shin Megami Tensei V puts you in the shoes of a third year high school student in Tokyo, but when the tunnel he goes into collapses it is taken to another dimension that is overrun by demons . As the protagonist merges with a mysterious man named Aogami to become a doomed being named Nahobino, it turns out that he isn’t the only person transported to this alternate version of Tokyo called Da’at.

The protagonist soon meets again with Yuzuru Atsuta and Ichiro Dazai, two of his classmates. Both have had their own close encounters with Da’at’s demons, but together they can return to their version of Tokyo. Yuzuru is a good friend of the protagonist. Described by Atlus as “principled and sincere” as well as “responsible, capable and assertive”. Ichiro is now a happy guy who can be a little awkward at times. He’s not the best student and many of his classmates see him as a loser. Even so, Ichiro loves live streaming what he was doing in the tunnel when it collapsed.

As soon as the group is back to their version of Tokyo, they meet the caring and kind-hearted Tao Isonokami, another of their classmates. She explains that there are two parallel versions of Tokyo: her version and Da’at. The demons are located in Da’at for the time being, but she says that they have Tokyo in their sights. Then she reveals to them that she knows all this because she is a member of Bethel, an organization that fights the demons they encountered in Da’at. In addition, the Japanese Prime Minister, the strategic and collected Hayao Koshimizu, acts as the main representative of the Japanese branch of Bethel.

The trio of protagonists Yuzuru and Ichiro decide to join Bethel to protect Tokyo from the threatening demonic invasion. The protagonist uses his powers as Nahobino, while Hayao grants Yuzuru and Ichiro the power of the demon summoning program. Just as the team is returning to their normal everyday life, they receive an emergency report from Bethel that demons have appeared all over Tokyo. the invasion has started at full speed.

As the protagonist and friends set out to protect the people in the demon-teeming areas, they learn that a group of demons are attacking their high school. This not only affects her classmate Sahori Itsukishima, but also Yuzuru’s little sister and only living relative, Miyazu Atsuta.

With his newfound powers, the protagonist can fight demons using the standard command-based press-turn combat system, where the encounter of enemy weaknesses not only gives you the upper hand, but also gives you more moves to carry out your plans. However, you need to be careful as enemies can also hit your weaknesses and gain the momentum for themselves. All new abilities such as Humble Blessing, Maziobarion and Sanguine Drain allow you to use a wider range of strategies in combat, while the Magatsuhi skill system allows your group and your enemies to activate special moves that unleash powerful attacks or heal and support when crucial Times.

It was a long way to go before Shin Megami Tensei V was released, but fans are ready to dive back into the series that spawned other hit franchises like Persona and Devil Summoner. Thankfully, the release date is approaching as Shin Megami Tensei V hits Switch on November 12th.

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