Square Enix has just announced that it will reprint the two volumes of the Final Fantasy 14 Encyclopaedia Eorzea along with a poster collection and picture book. Final Fantasy 14 fans can now pre-order Encyclopaedia Eorzea reprints, the encyclopedia series, lore, backstories and more about the popular Final Fantasy MMO and its characters.

FF14 boasts over 22 million players as of April 2021, a number that includes those who are taking advantage of the Free trial. IIt doesn’t necessarily match a reliable number of players playing to play, but it still says something about the spread of that former Final Fantasy flop. Basically, it’s popular. Super fans should pre-order before the books sell out and scalpers get to work.

Here’s what you need to know to pre-order these FF14 lore, posters, and picture books.

Final Fantasy 14 Encyclopaedia Eorzea pre-orders

Square Enix does Offers posted to print FF14 merchandise such as lore and art books along with links to third parties on its website. Remember: This reprint was not made for years after the original edition. Pre-order now to secure your copy with no worries.

Encyclopedia Eorzea ~ The World of Final Fantasy XIV ~ Volume 1:

Encyclopedia Eorzea ~ The World of Final Fantasy XIV ~ Volume 2:

Both Encyclopaedia Eorzea volumes are expected to appear on April 12, 2022. In general, pre-orders are already possible. We will update these lists as necessary.

Final Fantasy 14 Pre-orders of the poster collection

That Final Fantasy 14 poster collection offers fans 27 full-color premium posters with character art from A Realm Reborn to the Shadowbringers expansion. Posters are printed on “heavy, varnished cardboard” to be rich and lasting look.

Interested fans can join the waiting list on the Square Enix NA site. Subscribers should receive a notification when these poster book pre-orders go live. Expect copies to cost around $ 29.99. On the other hand, EU fans can pre-order their copies now.

The poster collection is not yet available for pre-order in NA, but it will begin on August 10, 2021. The FF14 Poster Collection will be released on May 10, 2022.

Final Fantasy 14 Picture book pre-orders

That Final Fantasy 14 picture book Includes text by Final Fantasy 14 Online story designer Banri Oda and illustrations by concept artist Hiroyuki Nagamine. The book had not yet been translated, so English readers can now enjoy the story and the illustrations. Its story revolves around a drying river and a catfish-like creature’s quest to make it rain.

The FF14 picture book cannot yet be pre-ordered in NA. However, Square Enix NA does have a waitlist button and links to third party vendors on its product page. This adorable 24-page story should cost around $ 14.99 to pre-order once it goes live. As with the Poster Collection, EU fans can somehow pre-order in advance of NA. Benefit while you can!

Here is the full list of links:

The FF14 picture book is officially published on July 26, 2022. However, fans can expect pre-orders to begin on October 26, 2021.

That’s not even all of the upcoming FF14 game-related media. In addition to these books, FF14 is apparently get their own cookbook filled with recipes from the game. It seems like they can’t stop, won’t stop.

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