Guilty Gear Strive was released a little over a month ago, and now Arc System Works is ready to add new characters to the game. In a trailer released last night, we looked at the first DLC character Goldlewis Dickinson and the roadmap for the upcoming content in Strives Season Pass.

Goldlewis Dickinson is the “absolute defense secretary,” a slightly different position than we have in the real world of the United States. Also a little cooler. He wears what I am sure is not a standard uniform, complete with jeans covered in chaps, a large horned belt buckle, and real horseshoes that adorn his gloves to add a little extra impact to his punches. This large bat carries a heavy coffin with an Area 51 sign on the front. He claims there are no aliens in the trailer, but the blue otherworldly arm that strikes out of the coffin says otherwise.

Dickinson’s move set is reminiscent of other stocky fighting game characters with large, sweeping attacks who use this heavy coffin and his alien friends to exert pressure. He also has flying drone bombs to keep the enemies busy while Goldlewis finds a way to attack. Once the secretary steps in, he has the option of using his command handle to perform three skull-cracking head butts or attack the shoulder to start a combo. Goldlewis has considerable firepower with a massive chain pistol that he can be combined into when attacking a coffin, and a Super that shoots his unfortunate victims from space with an orbital laser.

Goldlewis Dickinson is slated to release Guilty Gear Strive on July 27th for Season Pass holders and on July 30th for those who wish to pick it up individually on PlayStation consoles. Steam users will be able to find the DLC for single purchases on July 27th. Arc System Works, along with this character announcement, gave a rough schedule for the remainder of this season’s DLC. No price was quoted for single purchase from Dickinson, but the Season Pass is $ 29.99. August will bring another character, with another fighter coming sometime before the end of the year. 2022 is the current time for the last 2 DLC characters and new stages for the season, with the last bringing new story content with it.

Who is missing from Guilty Gear Strive’s list that you would love to see again? Have you played Strive and what do you think of it? Tell me about it in the comments!

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