If you want to improve Ayaka and maximize her talents, you will need a lot Genshin Impact Handguard Items.

These are new materials that wandering samurai will drop in the new Inazuma update. So far, the Nobushi only appear to spawn in a handful of locations. So expect some return visits as you level up Ayaka.

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Genshin Impact Nobushi location

The new Nobushi opponent drops items from the Hanguard series. These swordsmen come in different versions:

  • Nobushi Hitsukeban
  • Nobushi Kikouban
  • Nobushi Jintouban

Hitsukeban rely on fireworks and fast blades to unsettle enemies. Kikouban use electrified crossbow arrows and Jintouban are the standard Nobushi who just wield their swords.

All have a chance to drop handguard items.

We’re still working on all sorts of Nobushi locations, but one area where they seem safe is Mt Yougou, north of the Great Narukami Shrine. This is what your manual will point out when you look it up at Nobushi.

Location of the Genshin Impact Hanguard – Old Handguard

Any Nobushi enemy could drop these.

Location of the Genshin Impact Handguard – Kageuchi Handguard

These can fall from Nobushi opponents who are level 40 or higher.

Location of the Genshin Impact Handguard – Famous handguard

The highest level handguard item will only be dropped by Nobushi opponents who are level 60 or higher.

You can also find all of this in the shop area of ​​Paimons Bargains, where you can exchange Masterless Starglitter or Stardust for anyone. As with any other Ascension material, crafting items allows you to turn unwanted lower-level handguards into higher-level ones. Three from a low-level item, you get one item from a higher-level item.

So far, it seems like only Ayaka is using the Genshin Impact Handguard series items. Unlike the Sakura Bloom, you will need handguards to level up as well as level up, so plan on seeing lots of Nobushi if you want to level up Ayaka.

For more information on the new character chapters, see Where to Find A Flower Blooms in a Prison in Genshin Impact.

Or, if you’re interested in the other two Genshin Impact 2.0 characters, there are plenty of additional materials to look out for while exploring Inazuma to help improve Yoimiya and Sayu when their time comes later in August.

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