Genshin Impact Sakura blossom is a new item that you will want to collect abundantly when you arrive in Inazuma.

Their main purpose is leveling up Ayaka, but you won’t find them all over Inazuma. It also takes a little bit of work to get the new level up material and you will need an Electro character in your party to get it.

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Genshin Impact Sakura Bloom location

At the beginning of the Genshin Impact 2.0 update, Sakura Blooms can only be found on Narukami Island. This is the main island of Inazuma, where Inazuma City and Kamisato Manor are located. MiHoYo’s interactive map shows that around 50 of these are available on Narukami Island.

That’s enough to climb Ayaka three times and get to level 60, provided you also have the other necessary items.

Reset and farm Genshin Impact Sakura Bloom

Like other plant materials, Genshin Impact Sakura Bloom will reappear after two real days.

We are working to find more Sakura Bloom locations and will update them if it turns out there are more.

Right now, your best choice for sakura flower farming is to head west of Kamisato Manor into the hills where the majority of the sakura flowers are, and then mop up the outliers around the island.

How to get Sakura Bloom in Genshin Impact?

Unlike most other plant materials, sourcing Sakura Blooms from Genshin Impact takes a bit of work. They are similar to the Flame Flower in that you need to use an elemental skill to reveal them.

Sakura blooms appear as floating pink spots in the air. Use an electric attack to make this visible and then you can collect them and move on to the next one.

What is Sakura Bloom in Genshin Impact for?

So far, it seems that Sakura Bloom’s sole purpose is to level up Ayaka. There could be more uses or more characters that Sakura Bloomfits is associated with in future updates, but for now, that’s the only thing you have to do with them. Unless you plan on getting Ayaka, you can still ignore Sakura Blooms for a while.

Yoimiya and Sayu, the next two new Genshin Impact characters, use different materials to level up so you can focus on completing story quests like A Flower Blooms in a Prison.

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