Netflix has held back nothing to take up as much space as possible in the gaming community. Whether it is offering games or just delivering surprise customizations, the streaming company has been on the rise and now it looks like a new rumor is coming up on Thedas. Is correct; Apparently a Dragon Age TV series is in the works on Netflix, at least if the latest rumors are to be believed.

In a new report from a “trusted source” Giant freakin ‘robot learned that a reported Dragon Age TV series is in the works. No details were offered at this point, but if I was guessing I would say it would be in an animated format when this happened. The reason for this is that a Dragon Age adaptation would be massive if retold the stories of Thedas. That and every BioWare-related adaptation was usually animated. Even Dragon Age had its earlier offshoots with Cassandra’s origin story in story Seeker’s dawn.

With no details and no confirmation from BioWare or Netflix, it’s hard to speculate what this new series might be about, or if it really exists. That being said, we know that Dragon Age 4 will continue the story that began without a Guardian deep into the hearts of Tevinter, Nevarra, and the lovely Antiva. We know the recent comics are deeply rooted in the land of blood mages and magisters, even with Tevinter, so I’d assume anything that deviates from it requires a fresh approach. Whether this is an adaptation of the games themselves or the incredible books and comics that have emerged afterwards is fair to imagine, but Thedas is huge, which means there are a billion and a different paths a television series could go.

Regarding Dragon Age 4, we didn’t receive a new trailer during EA Play, but we did receive some fancy new concept art featuring The Crows just recently! If you are interested, check out our previous coverage here where you can see my aluminum foil hat in the form of Zevran in action.

It will be interesting to see where Netflix is ​​headed next with its gaming journey. What do you think of a possible Dragon Age TV series? Would you like an adaptation or a completely new Thedas adventure? Listen to your thoughts in the comment section below! If the comments section doesn’t still show disabled, then @ us at GameInformer on Twitter with your thoughts and come back when we’ve got them working again!

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