New World goes is in the beta phase, the actual start is not too far away. The actual release is scheduled for August 31st, but we’ll get into the beta now! Amazon Games’ MMORPG has been in development for ages and has gone through several iterations – what about a month ahead of release? Let’s take a look! We looked at some late game expedition (dungeon) and PvP content a while ago, and now we’re diving in all new for a new look at all things New World!

Big moles. Spells. Handcraft. Dungeon dives and player-versus-player faction battles. MMORPG players are always insatiable for new offers in the room, so the question is simple. Will the New World satisfy this hunger? Which political group are we going to join? Are we being eaten by bears? How is the world Come to Dan Tack for answers to these important questions in a brand new episode of Game Informer Live today at 2:00 p.m. CST. We’ll talk all about MMORPGs and try to navigate our way through these bold new lands.

Supernatural horrors await us around every corner, but the standard inhabitants of the environment such as wild animals are sure to pose a challenge as well. How many levels can we do? What does the game look like? What is cool? What is not And of course perhaps the most important question: will the servers be stable enough to play with? Will there be a huge line of players to get in?

Check out our livestream on Twitch today at 2:00 p.m. CT for a look at New World! If you miss the action don’t worry – you can follow it on YouTube later! Are you interested in MMORPGs? Are you interested in New World? What are you playing in space right now? Let us know in the comments!

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