As unlockable palamute armor.

Monster Hunter Rise continues its schedule of crossover updates for Switch this Friday, July 30th, as Amaterasu, star of Capcom’s popular action-adventure classic Okami, joins the game.

More specifically, Monster Hunter Rise players can purchase Amaterasu in the form of an unlockable layered armor set for their Palamute, and the outfit offers little more than a mere skin swap. With the Amaterasu armor equipped, Palamutes will not only resemble the beloved Okami character, they will also fly through the landscape, leaving a trail of blooming flowers and leaves behind, as befits a sun goddess.

Capcom has yet to pinpoint exactly what players will have to face to receive the new layered armor set, but it expects a format similar to the collaboration back in June (which added a Palico skin on the theme of Felyne Tsukino from Monster Hunter Stories 2) . which means players will have to farm materials from a new event quest that is part of the update.

Monster Hunter Rise – Okami Collab Trailer.

In addition to today’s Okami news, Capcom has updated its Monster Hunter Rise development roadmap after its launch, and while those hoping new monsters will be added to Rise soon will be disappointed, there are now three more (still mysterious) Cooperation updates confirmed: one due in August and two more in the fall.

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