After a year of research, Pokémon Go fans have discovered a hidden mechanism involved in catching creatures from raid battles.

Research published today by fan resource The Silph Road appears to reveal a secret modifier that increases the likelihood of catching a raid boss in the course of an encounter.

Put simply, the longer it takes you to catch a boss, the more likely your next Premier Ball throw will actually do it. Or, as The Silph Road reports: “You are more likely to catch the raid boss on the 10th throw of the encounter than the first.”

As always, The Silph Road leveraged crowd-sourced data from dozens of dedicated players and over 6,500 raid boss ball throws.

The results showed that even when other catch modifiers were taken into account, some other hidden mechanism was affecting the catches so that the likelihood that they would be successful increased over time.

However, research cannot determine what exactly is the parameter that improves the likelihood of catches over time – be it the number of balls remaining, the number of balls thrown, or some other factor.

Photo credit: The Silph Road.

Regardless, the effect is the same – and aside from providing a glimpse into the inner workings of Pokémon Go, it has some interesting implications.

Let’s say you only have five Golden Razz Berries – a relatively rare item that greatly increases your chances of catching. Knowing that the game is already quietly increasing the chances of a catch, you can save these to increase your chances even further instead of using them on your first throws.

Conversely, for your first few litters, you can opt to use an easy-to-find pinap berry just in case you’re lucky enough to catch it sooner without investing more valuable items.

After all, the effect is not seen with any other method of catching Pokémon – in the wild, from research or via photobombs.

Raiding will be a big part of this year’s Go Fest 2021 event, which will take place this weekend. More on all of that here.

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