By Sherif Saed
July 28, 2021 3:15 pm GMT

The latest update from PUBG introduced an original new twist.

PUBG further spices up its classic battle royale formula. The latest of these tweaks comes as part of Update 13.1, which is now available on the game’s test server on PC. 13.1 goes live on August 4th for everyone else on PC and August 12th on consoles.

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Developer Krafton calls the biggest change emergency landing. The large cargo plane that puts all players on the map at the start of the game could now suffer an engine failure, causing it to catch fire and quickly hurtle towards the ground. This of course means that players who like to give up late cannot always do so.

The aircraft suffering from it moves faster than a normal aircraft and the height of fall varies. It also means that the earlier they jump the players will cover the furthest distance, but this choice may not always be easy. The longer you wait, the shorter your glide distance will be. If you decide to hold out and wait until the end, you will start the game with 50% of your HP.

In addition to these mechanics, Krafton is also making some updates to the recently released Taego map. First there is now a Secret room randomly hidden somewhere on the map that contains some of the rarest and most powerful pieces of equipment – including items you can’t find anywhere else.

You will need a key to enter the room, and these can be found as loot – but they, too, are rare and hidden. Once you’ve received a key and managed to find the room, you’ll be rewarded with items such as self-AED, rifle scopes, lots of healing and throwable items, and a chance at exclusive items for the Care Package.

You can also expect a sharp increase in the number of Care Package Air Drops on Taego. You will now encounter smaller air drops more often – between five and 15 – falling under Multi-Care Package Drops.

The full changelog can be found on the PUBG blog.

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