Delays are the order of the day in this industry. Of course, game development was particularly arduous during the pandemic and resulted in a multitude of release date changes. While Ubisoft is one of the most famous development companies in the world, it didn’t go away unscathed. Both Rainbow Six Extraction (originally known as Rainbow Six Quarantine if you’ve been following the title for a long time) and Riders Republic have faced delays in the past. However, after another delay, we now have another release period for the latter.

An update on Riders Republic has been posted on the official website, underscoring the anticipation of the game’s upcoming beta, although it ended on a less enthusiastic note: “To make sure we can deliver the best game to all players, we have a tough decision to make taken to postpone our release date from September 2nd to October 28th, ”the post reads. “This gives us more time to refine the experience and give you another chance to get in and give feedback before you start.”

Like Ubisoft’s Steep, Riders Republic is a multiplayer sports game that supports races with up to 50 players. But you can also play solo or cooperatively. Biking, snowboarding, skiing, wing suit, and even rocket wing suit are some of the activities that you can participate in. There are even a number of cool North American places to drive around like Bryce Canyon, Grand Teton, and Yosemite Valley. Watch the game preview trailer above.

Riders Republic was originally supposed to be out in February, but delays have moved the game to October 28th. You finally get the chance to cycle through Sequoia Park on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Stadia, and PC.

Let us know below which sport directors you will be editing in Riders Republic!

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