By Sherif Saed
July 21, 2021 12:55 GMT

Steam’s outdated Big Picture mode will eventually get the makeover we asked for.

One of the largest takeaways out of the Steam deck reveal, aside from all hardware and platform talks, is the handheld’s user interface. It was very easy to see that this is nowhere near the archaic big picture setup we’ve been using for years.

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It turns out that Valve built the new interface for Steam Deck, but it won’t just live there. The company has confirmed that this design will, as many have suspected, replace Big Picture on the PC client.

A Valve developer who posts under the username Austinp_valve confirmed this exciting news on the Steam forums in a thread discussing this very issue.

“Yes, we’re replacing Big Picture with the new Deck user interface. However, we don’t have an ETA to share yet, ”he said.

Big Picture was created almost nine years ago to make Steam more usable on controllers, at a time when Valve insisted on using Steam (remember Steam Machines?) Since then, the UI has received minor updates, and although it started off nicely , it has since fallen behind in terms of usability and features.

Indeed, this refresh is long overdue, although we hope it won’t take years.

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