Skyrim is easily one of the most heavily modified games out there, even more so since Bethesda started providing console mod support. Some of these fan creations are full retelling and new adventures, while others – like this Skyrim mod – are more about the simple things in life.

The Self Hug Spell Mod by Nexus Mods user The Seagull (uploaded by DevicsPrey) brings a little health to the world of Tamriel. “We all need a hug from time to time, but not all of us have someone around who offers such luxuries,” said the mod’s creator when explaining how it came about in the first place. “Use your powerful magic to mimic the feeling of a hug and drastically improve your mood.”

According to the mod’s creator, it’s a simple spell added for brevity, and guess what? Sometimes it’s just good. Simple is exactly what we need. The world would be a better place if we had a little more empathy and a little more compassion for one another. Apparently, this also applies to our toon selves in the game.

To download this mod, which is a first for this creator, check it out right here.

If you want even more hugs, there is another mod called “I’m glad you’re here” that you can use to hug your followers, your in-game spouse, and other characters scattered all over Tamriel.

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