Finding and solving the Genshin Impact Araumi Puzzle is the key to unlocking the new Empty Boat of a Domain of the Thousand Gates in Inazuma.

It’s a long process, albeit one with many rewards. Among other things, you will solve one of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing puzzles and even unlock a Perpetual Mechanical Array waypoint.

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Genshin Impact Araumi Puzzle | Location of the Araumi subway

The first step is to get into the underground area and we recommend using the Memento lens first. Go to the Araumi region and to the location shown in the image below. There’s an Electroculus nearby so when you see it you know it’s the way to go.

Activate the four electrical devices to remove the seal and drop into Araumi Underground.

Use the memory lens to reveal three switches hidden in the kitsune statues.

Once inside the main chamber, use the Memento Lens again to reveal a Thunder Sakura Arch. Grab the electrogranum so you can pass the barrier and enter the side chamber with a larger kitsune statue. Use Electro to grab the station needed for the next step.

Genshin Impact Araumi Puzzle | Araumi Sacred Sakura purification

The next step is another Sacred Sakura purification. Use the memory lens again to reveal two more lanterns behind the shrine, for a total of five.

The main switch is located in front of the shrine and remains on “1”. The two switches behind it should be marked “2” and the lower two – the one next to you when you are facing the shrine – should be marked “3”.

A Nobushi mob will appear as soon as you pray to clean the shrine, so be prepared for that.

Genshin Impact Araumi Puzzle | Araumi water puzzle

As you progress, you’ll come across another electric block puzzle that controls the water level. All you have to do here is shoot the blocks until the sides facing you are blank. New areas will open up once the water drains, but for the time being, focus on moving forward. You can grab other treasures later.

Genshin Impact Araumi Puzzle | Araumi Waypoint and Thousand Gates Empty Boat

Keep pushing until you reach a room with a shipwreck in it. There is an old stone tablet in the wreck, but the main attraction is the new waypoint marker. Enable it before proceeding.

Use thunder balls to move across the abyss over the Perpetual Mechanical Array and activate the switch there. This starts with a simple floor tile puzzle where all you have to do is walk around the perimeter to activate the tiles without jumping or touching the same tile twice.

Completing this will activate a second puzzle, which is just a bigger version of the same thing. Go around the perimeter first and work your way into it.

When all of this is done, you’ll eventually unlock the Empty Boat of a Domain of a Thousand Gates and you can quickly get back to that point anytime in the future.

If you want to finish the other new quests from Genshin Impact and Sacred Sakura Cleansings, you must solve the mystery of Konda Well.

Or you can take a quest break with the new Thunder Sojourn event or just wander through Inazuma and collect items to improve Kamisato Ayaka, Yoimiya and Sayu.

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