By Jeremy Signor
July 28, 2021 7:42 PM GMT

The new studio will focus on “AAA independent” game development.

A group of industry veterans announced that they would team up to create That’s No Moon Entertainment, a self-proclaimed “AAA Independent” game development studio, and the pedigree of these designers is truly impressive. The team consists of people from Naughty Dog, Bungie, EA, PlayStation, Sony Santa Monica, Infinity Ward and more.

That’s No Moon is the result of a meeting of AAA talent mixed with more than $ 100 million in investments from Smilegate, the creators of Crossfire. The debut project will be “an ambitious new action-adventure game that will push the boundaries of both gameplay and story”. And there is no shortage of big names. Taylor Kurosaki, formerly at Infinity Ward and Naughty Dog, will work as Creative Director with Game Director Jacob Minkoff, also formerly at Infinity Ward and Naughty Dog. The rest of the team has an equally impressive history in AAA game development.

“Smilegate is excited to work with the storytellers and game makers at That’s No Moon to create new experiences that inspire empathy and deeper personal connections with gamers around the world,” said Harold Kim of Smilegate. And while AAA talent and millions of dollars in investment don’t quite scream indie, it’s clear this new studio seeks to bring the indie ethos into an AAA development sensibility, particularly with references to “empathy” as part of the mission of the studio.

Given how well the games these veterans worked on were scored, there’s a good chance we’ll see something special. And it’s not uncommon for an indie AAA company to be ambitious and successful. This could be exactly what the doctor ordered as reputable game studios are busy with sequels.

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